First in Indonesia, Indomilk Kids UHT Milk is low in Sugar, Healthier Choices To Support Children's Growth


PT Indolakto presents the newest Indomilk UHT Kids 115 ml with 25% lower sugar content with a chocolate taste that suits children's tastes


Jakarta, 22 March 2022 – For the first time in Indonesia, PT Indolakto (Indolakto) through its Indomilk Kids brand, introduced Indomilk Kids UHT milk chocolate flavor with 15% lower sugar content for children. Indomilk Kids UHT milk low in sugar is a Healthier Choice with proper nutrition to support children's growth. Indomilk Kids UHT milk low in sugar has met the requirements from BPOM to include the Healthier Choice logo. If a product has a Healthier Choice logo, then the product contains healthier ingredients than other similar products. Parents should not be concern as children will like this low-sugar milk and delicious for them to enjoy.

Indomilk Kids' Senior Brand Manager, Jonathan M Setiawan, said, "Many parents give UHT milk as an option to support the growth and development for their children. Parents are also faced with a variety of cow's milk products to give to their children, but many of them are worried about whether it is safe in terms of sugar content. What's more, many children like foods or drinks that are sweet and delicious to them, but lacking in nutrition. Therefore, Indomilk expands our line of UHT milk products by presenting the newest Indomilk Kids chocolate flavor which is low in sugar and formulated with nutrients that contain a source of calcium, high in vitamin D and phosphorus, as well as a source of vitamins A, B1, B6 which is suitable for children. age 2 years and over. A healthy, affordable and practical choice to supplement their daily needs.”

Jonathan also added that this new dairy product goes through the UHT process, by heating the product to 135 degrees Celsius for no less than 3 minutes to eliminate microorganisms that can harm children's health without losing the nutrients and taste of the original cow's milk.

“UHT milk that has gone through a short heating process helps protect the nutritious nutritional content of fresh milk itself and makes it last longer without the need for the addition of preservatives. In addition, fortification or addition of nutrients to Indomilk UHT milk is also carried out so that the nutrition is more suitable for supporting children's growth, "said Jonathan.

Dr. Atilla Dewanti Sp.A(K) explained, “Cow's milk is a good source of nutrition for children's growth and development. The calcium contained in cow's milk can certainly help children's bone growth, their muscle growth is also supported from cow's milk protein and of course the minerals and vitamins contained so that the child's metabolic process runs healthy and well. "For continued breastfeeding after the age of 2 years, low-sugar UHT milk can be a healthier choice for your little one. Don't forget to keep an eye on how your little one's body responds to the low-sugar UHT milk," added Dr. Attila.

Therefore, if parents are still worried about the high sugar content in UHT milk, Indomilk Kids Low Sugar UHT milk can be the right and healthier choice to fulfil nutrition and support children's growth and development.

Parents can also directly get Indomilk Kids Low Sugar UHT milk at the Indomilk official store at favorite e-commerce sites such as JD.ID, Blibli, Tokopedia, Shopee, Klik Indomaret and the nearest Indomaret and Superindo.

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