To celebrate 50 years of Indomie, hundreds of riding participants enliven GOCAPAN Indomie


Cycling Groups (Gowes) looking for Indomie Breakfast, is a form of collaboration between Indomie and Element Bike, which is an exciting and inspiring event for cyclists, whilst looking for Indomie breakfast #CariIndomieHidupkanInspirasi


Jakarta, October 2, 2022 – Without realizing it, one of the brands of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Indomie has been in the midst of Indonesian society for 5 decades. The presence of Indomie continues to inspire all people, both in terms of culinary and youth creativity. As part of a series of events celebrating Indomie's 50th anniversary and part of KOLABORAMIE, Indomie collaborated with Element Bike to hold Gowes Cari Breakfast Indomie (Gocapan Indomie) to answer the latest trends and invite people to enjoy cycling around the capital with the aim of looking for breakfast during Car Free Day (CFD)

Vemri Veradi Junaidi, Marketing Manager of Indomie said, "This activity is one of the series of events for Indomie's 50th anniversary, to strengthen Indomie and the community and invite them to continue to inspire. On this occasion, Indomie collaborated with Element Bike, launching a special edition bicycle with a design inspired by Indomie. We present Gocapan Indomie as a form of Indomie's appreciation to the people who have accompanied them for 50 years."

The Gocapan Indomie event was attended by hundreds of riding participants with a route starting from Indofood Tower to Sarinah then passing through Taman Ismail Marzuki, and ending at Raden Saleh's ‘Upnormal Warunk’. The participants will pass historic buildings in Jakarta, encouraging them to have fun and take unique photos. Subsequently, they can enjoy the excitement of breakfast with various Indomie menus with various Indonesian culinary flavours.

Lucky Prabowo, Partnership Element Bike said, “We are very happy to participate in Kolaboramie by launching Ecosmo Limited Edition. In our opinion, it is important for brands to create new markets so that their coverage can be even wider. The interest of the community and the community is also very high which adds to the excitement of the event. We hope that Gocapan Indomie, which is cycling around the capital whilst looking for delicious and unique breakfasts, will further increase people's interest and foster the spirit of cycling."

“Gocapan Indomie is one of the many series of fun in the framework of 50 years of Indomie that we have prepared as one of the interesting agendas. We hope that the Indonesian people can participate, be inspired, and enjoy the series of events”, a closing remark by Vemri.

For people who are interested in the Indomie Ecosmo special edition bicycle, you can get it at the Element Bike official store. For Indomie fans, wait for other inspirational 50 years of Indomie exciting events. With Indomie, let’s keep our inspiration alive!

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