Indomilk Invites Children in Indonesia to Play with “Indomilk Jagoan BoBoiBoy Board Game”
  • In addition to supporting the nutritional health of children in Indonesia, Indomilk also invites parents to actively encourage their kids to balance their playing activities so that children can improve themselves through real-life game and digital game 
  • An educational board game can be one of the “play together” alternatives that has many important benefits for children


Jakarta, March 16th, 2016 - As one of Indonesia’s largest dairy producers, PT Indolakto has a close relationship with families all around the country. The dairy company is collaborating with Animonsta Studios to launch the “Indomilk Jagoan BoBoiBoy Board Game”, which is an alternative educational game for children. The board game is energetic, active, fun and imaginative, and BoBoiBoy is one of the preferred animated characters in Indonesia.


Vanda Ratana, Marketing Manager of Indomilk Liquids at PT Indolakto said, “Indomilk consistently strived to provide the very best range of products for families in Indonesia. On this occasion, through Indomilk Kids UHT liquid milk, we have launched the Indomilk Jagoan BoBoiBoy Board Game to support the kids’ cognitive skills and social ability development.”


Psychologist Saskhya Aulia Prima added, “Educational games provide a number of benefits for children, such as cognitive, physical and social and emotional (socio-emotional) development.”


“Nowadays, communications technology and the growth of the Internet is already affecting the social behaviour of the children to become more introverted as they often play by themselves and spend less time socialising with others,” she said. “To maximize children development, it is necessary to have educational games, such as board game. This game will provide the opportunity for fun playing and allow children to interact with their friends."


The Indomilk Jagoan BoBoiBoy Board Game is targeted for primary students. The educational game is created like a chessboard and can be played by two children. There are 10 positive benefits of playing this board game, namely bonding with friends or family, educating children to be able to work together as a team, improving math skills, thinking forward, reinforcing mental strength, encouraging decision making, sportsmanship, direct interaction, learning to be responsible and mutual respect.


“To obtain the Indomilk Jagoan Boboiboy characters, Indonesian families just need to buy Indomlik UHT 190ml and Indomilk Kids 115 ml all variants, cut the characters available on the packaging, wash thoroughly and the characters are ready to be played. As for the game board, it could be downloaded from the website or can be obtained from participating stores.  We also created a video tutorial about how to play the Indomilk Jagoan BoBoiBoy Board Game that can be accessed on YouTube. We hope that the game can help parents provide balanced nutrition for the kids and balanced playing activities,” Vanda concluded.




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