Its real more fun! Pop Mie present ‘Using Rice” Answered Indonesians’ Wish List

Jakarta, 2nd of November 2020 – For the first time in Indonesia, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood CBP) presents the latest innovation to answer the need of consumers in giving unique combination between noodle and rice on this original Indonesian instant cup noodle through Pop Mie PaNas “Using Rice”. Pop Mie PaNas Product is presented to enrich and increase fun and unique yet practical consumption experience anywhere and anytime.

Indonesians often using rice as daily main food. Even there is assumption “it is not filled if we do not eat rice” and this engraved in Indonesians’ perception since years ago. In conclusion, we can assume that rice have been an identity in most Indonesian’s consumption behaviour. As dependent with rice, we often see Indonesians combining rice with other food. As an example, Indonesians like to eat rice with meatballs, noodle soto, braised or fried noodle, and other food. Therefore, it as unique yet normal in Indonesia if people want to eat instant noodle mixed with rice.

From that point, Pop Mie committed to present unique innovations through interesting combination between noodle and rice for Indonesians that are dynamic by provide alternative whole practical consumption anywhere and anytime. Senior Brand Manager Pop Mie, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Vemri Veradi Junaidi said, “Indofood CBP through Pop Mie brand that have been the leading brand in instant cup noodle market, proudly present Pop Mie PaNas “Pakai Nasi” innovation. The new product hopefully can answer the insight of Indonesians who like to mix instant noodle and rice. This will be the first innovation in Indonesia. As additional information, other innovation is the rice inside the Pop Mie PaNas, is from real rice that able to brew by hot water and this excited can be consume within 3 minutes after we pour hot water just like other Pop Mie variants, added another fun to the whole experience. It is our hope that the presence of Pop Mie Panas will be a practical solutions filled with excitement for Indonesians, especially for young generations who hustle with their daily activities or to accompany their fun activities, anywhere anytime”.

Hopefully with the launching of Pop Mie PaNas as the first and unique innovations in Indonesia will be able to answer the needs of Indonesians. General Manager Marketing, Noodle Division, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Julia Atman also add, “The presence of Pop Mie PaNas with Chicken Soto flavor is to give new experience and practical solutions for Indonesians and also as a proof that Indofood CBP once again strengthen our position as the market leader with various instant cup products, Pop Mie, which more complete. As market leader, Pop Mie will continuously innovating to be the first one that be able to fulfil the needs of consumers that have not been fulfilled by other products in Indonesia market. Our main focus toward consumers also develop food products that cautious toward Indonesian culture and customs have been Pop Mie’s main value. We will continuously provide latest innovations by observing the needs of Indonesians who are more dynamic as the time goes on,” said her.

Pop Mie PaNas is here to answer the needs of Indonesians who are dynamic to have products that fun, pratical, delicious with precise portions of rice topping in the midst of their hustling yet fun activities. Hereby, Pop Mie PaNas is your go to easy to consume product.

Pop Mie PaNas is one of the real commitment of Indofood ICBP in establish food product innovations, develop it by observing Indonesian culture and customs. Therefore, the presence of Pop Mie PaNas hopefully can added another sheer of fun and motivate Indonesians to keep enthusiastic and innovative anywhere anytime.

Pop Mie PaNas ‘Pake Nasi’ is here for the first time with variant Chicken Soto flavor and will be in the market with 5.000 IDR/cup or 60.000 IDR/box. Pop Mie PaNas are available in nearby supermarket and minimarket also e-commerce. For further information about interesting offer for consumers can be access via Instagram @PopMieOfficial and Facebook @PopMieNoodles.


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