Without Compromise, Indofood Launched Supermi Nutrimi Delicious & Good

Along with the increase of awareness toward healthier lifestyle of Indonesians, initiated Supermi, the first instant noodle brand in Indonesia produced by PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk., launched the newest product called Supermi Nutrimi with Chicken Steak flavor.

The noodle made from broccoli, perfectly combined with the savory mushroom bouillon, topped with corn and carrot, has earned a category as ‘Pilihan Lebih Sehat’ (Healthier Choice) by National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM), also maintained the quality and flavor to match with health conscious customers who do not want to compromise taste.

In alignment with statement from General Manager Marketing Division Instant Noodle PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Julia Atman,” We see there is increase in health conscious in the public. There are many individuals that applied healthy lifestyles, including in choices of selecting food. For instant noodle consumers, there is expectation toward instant noodle product that delicious, healthier and have affordable prices. To understand the needs of consumer, we launched Supermi Nutrimi with Chicken Steak flavor as ‘Healthier Choice’.”

The processed food categorized as ‘Healthier Choice’ have certain criteria as mention in BPOM Rules number 22 year 2019.

Supermi Nutrimi with Chiken Steak flavor has fulfilled the criteria set by BPOM as Healthier Choice. The green noodle is made from broccoli without coloring synthetic, completed with carrot and corn as topping. The delicious Chicken Steak flavor is made without any preservatives or any flavor essence. We use mushroom bouillon as the replacement,” said Julia.

The one who love healthy lifestyle wihout compromise, can get the Supermi Nutrimi at nearby store, minimart, hypermarket, supermarket across Indonesia and also via marketplace with affordable price at Rp 3.500,00 per pack.

“We hope the advantages that offered by Supermi Nutrimi will be a full solutions for noodle loves whot want healthier product that delicious and more affordable. Please enjoy the new products and stay healthy. Supermie Nutrimi, got the delicious, got the goods #NutrimiNoKompromi” Closed Julia.




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