"There is a feeling that continues to emerge…’nostalgia’. We hope the audience will come to reminisce and reunite, whilst watching the film BEBAS in the cinema, "said Mira Lesmana

Jakarta, September 5, 2019 - The filmmaker duo, the legendary teens drama maker ‘Ada Apa Yang Cinta?’, Director Riri Riza and Producer Mira Lesmana, will launch their latest work, the film BEBAS. BEBAS is a film produced by Miles Films and CJ Entertainment in collaboration with Ideosource Entertainment and BASE Entertainment which will be released on 3 October. This star-studded film is an adaptation of the Korean box office hit film titled "Sunny".

The FREE film fosters the audience to gather and reunite in the cinema with friends, relatives, and family to reminisce about past memories; both exciting, touching, silly, to the point of embarrassment. "The FREE film has almost finished and since the first time, results have shown that there is one feeling that continues to emerge…’nostalgia’. We hope that the audience will come to reminisce and reunite together whilst watching the film BEBAS in the cinema, "said Mira Lesmana, producer and screenwriter of the BEBAS film together with Gina S. Noer.

The BEBAS film tells the friendship of six Jakarta teenagers during 1995/1996, who were separated for 23 years. This film will depict the city of Jakarta in 1995-1996 and Jakarta in 2019. "1995 for me was a special year because there were several important events that occurred. My friends and I started shooting the KULDESAK Film. 1995 was also the year that Miles Films was founded. The 90s era was an important period in which there were many changes in Indonesia, making the relics of the era a common nostalgia for all generations, even for those born after the 90s, "said Riri Riza, film director of BEBAS.

The FREE film features the main cast, including: Maizura, Marsha Timothy, Sheryl Sheinafia, Baim Wong, Agatha Pricilla, Lutesha, Zulfa Maharani, Baskara Mahendra, Susan Bachtiar, Indy Barends, and Widi Mulia. With supporting stars Amanda Rawles, Kevin Ardilova, Giorgino Abraham, Syifa Hadju, and Brandon Salim and special performances from other famous stars.

In the film BEBAS, Mira Lesmana again invited several sponsors to get involved, including PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, a national food company that has range of products that can be consumed starting from the age of children, teenagers and even for the whole family.

"Indofood through the Indomilk brand and Indofood Ice Cream supports the creativity of the nation's children through national films that contain positive moral messages. We hope that the film BEBAS, can arouse a sense of togetherness of the younger generation, motivate them to respect each other and support their fellow friends in positive ways and increasingly understand the meaning of family ties, "said Fierman Authar, Head of Consumer Engagement, Corporate Marketing at PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk .

"Indomilk's characteristic, as a practical nutritious product is very suitable with the character of the film BEBAS, whose actors are always full of enthusiasm and energy. Like a friend who provides positive support, always there to share feelings and be loyal, Indomilk who has accompanied Indonesian families for more than 50 years will continue to innovate and meet the needs of children, adolescents and Indonesian families with liquid milk products that are nutritious and have various variants of taste are popular, "said Vanda Ratana, General Manager of Marketing of Indomilk Liquid Milk.

"The film BEBAS, reunites old friends with all the memories they have been through together since they were teenagers. Through this collaboration, Indofood Ice Cream wants to be a part of every moment of friends together, adding joy and certainly encouraging moods, "said Anita Wibowo, General Manager of Marketing for SCM & Ice Cream. Look ahead to the most moving reunion movie in the film BEBAS, which will air in theatres commencing 3rd October, 2019.

About PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk

PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (IDX : ICBP) is an established and one of the market leading players in the consumer branded products sector. We are engaged in diverse business categories, including noodles, dairy, snack foods, food seasonings, nutrition and special foods, and beverages. In addition, ICBP also operates a packaging business, producing both flexible and corrugated packaging to support our main businesses.

We provide everyday solutions for consumers of all ages across market segments, with around 40 leading product brands. Many of these brands enjoy significant market positions in Indonesia, backed by decades of trust and loyalty from millions of consumers.

Majority of our products are available across the archipelago. Supported by our parent company’s extensive distribution network, we are able to meet the market demands in a timely and efficiently manner.

Our business operations are supported by more than 50 plants located in key areas across Indonesia. This enables us to be closer to market demand and ensure product freshness.

Besides Indonesia, ICBP products are also present in more than 60 countries around the world.

About Miles Films
Miles Films, which was founded in March 1995 and is now led by Mira Lesmana together with Riri Riza, is an Indonesian production house which is famous for the achievements of its works.
This independent company has produced films that have succeeded in gaining success in the country. Call it the titles of box office movies like Sherina's Adventures (2000), teen drama What's with Love? (2002/2016), Laskar Pelangi (2008), and also the Athirah film (2018) and the short film Kado (2019) which drew the attention of film critics.


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