Pop Mie Supports EVOS and RRQ Team's Achievement To Strengthen Growth in Indonesian Esports

Through esports, Pop Mie wants to explore the interests and potential of Indonesian young people to be creative in developing the gaming industry to the global level.

Jakarta, February 26, 2019 - PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood CBP) through the Pop Mie brand, which has become a market leader in the cup instant noodle category, announced its support for the country's two major electronic sports (e-sports) teams, EVOS E-sports and Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), which is ready and will continue to bring the name of E-sports Indonesia to the world level.

According to the results of a study related to games in Indonesia, released by POKKT, the Decision Lab and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) n October 2018, indicate that the number of mobile gamers in the country have reached 60 million people. This number is expected to continue to increase to 100 million by 2020, with the majority of players aged between 16-34 years old.

Starting to focus from Popmie, that represents the excitement of young perople, Indofood CBP's General Marketing Manager Instant Noodle Division, Julia Atman revealed, "We are very enthusiastic about working with two big names in the Indonesian e-sports industry, the EVOS Team and the RRQ Team. Both of these teams have scored achievements for the past few years. "

"We see the rapid development of e-sports in the country, giving birth to young gamers who are reliable and able to bring the name of the nation to the world. As a brand that has been part of the younger generation for more than 25 years, Pop Mie will encourage them to develop their interests and potential in the e-sports industry, one of them is through collaboration with EVOS and RRQ”, explained Julia Atman.

Having a target market of 18-24 years age bracket consisting of students, Pop Mie sees through e-sports that a gamer can learn positive values such as teamwork, communication, concentration, confidence and facing challenges. This is in accordance with the character of Pop Mie, which carries the slogan ‘Seruput Pop Mie, Cus Lanjut!’ The slogan illustrates how Pop Noodles with various flavors and sizes can maintain the excitement of gamers who continue to play without the need to be disturbed by hunger. With similar values, Pop Mie facilitates gamers and Indonesian consumers the value of appetizing recharge, to continue activities and become a reliable dining companion that is easy to consume and store until when required.

Embracing Pop Mie's statement, EVOS e-sports Co-Founder, Hartman Harris Christian said, "It is truly an extraordinary opportunity for the EVOS Team to be able to partner with Pop Mie, a brand that has been attached to us since childhood. This proves that the e-sports industry is increasingly trusted and supported by various ecosystems around us. Hopefully in the future e-sports Indonesia will increasingly show its potential both nationally and internationally."

In line with this, the Chief Executive Officer of RRQ, Andrian Pauline said, "RRQ has been around since October 2013. More than 5 years we dedicated our focus, commitment and passion to the growth of the Indonesian e-sports industry. By bringing the name of Pop Mie as one of RRQ's strategic partners, we are confident that we can do more, things we have never done for the advancement of the Indonesian e-sports industry. "

Furthermore, Newzoo consumer research institutes reveal interesting data. As of January 2019, the world of Indonesian e-sports ranked 17th out of 100 countries as a country with a gaming income contribution of USD 1.084 million.

"We are amazed at the new ways and enthusiasm of the younger generation to be captivated by and communicate through e-sports live streaming. By becoming one of the EVOS and RRQ strategic partners, we also want to participate, listen and learn through dialogue. "This fits with Pop Mie as a brand that understands the characteristics and lifestyle of today's young generation," concludes Julia Atman.

In this partnership the Pop Mie logo will decorate the front side of the EVOS and RRQ team jersey. In addition to the logos, Pop Mie will also introduce exciting campaigns, up-to-date information and interesting topics about the world of e-sports Indonesia.

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Newzoo research 2019

About EVOS Sports
EVOS E-sports build in 2016 by Ivan Yeo, Hartman Harris and Michael Wijaya as a professional e-sport organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since that, EVOS have been develop as one of the biggest e-sport companies in South East Asia, operates in 4 different countries, managed total of 18 teams and supported by more than 30 staffs. EVOS e-sports also managed to build one of the largest and most loyal fan-based community with digital reach to more than 35 million users every month.

About Rex Regum QEON (rrq)
Created in October 2019, Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) have been one of the best e-sport organization in Indonesia. RRQ build by bring together the best DOTA players in Indonesia that have been known in international gaming communities. At the end of 2017, RRQ start to expended into different popular game such as FPS Point Blank and the famous mobile game which is Mobile Legend, Bang Banf. Now RRQ have established their presence in 9 games which are CS:GO, FIFA, AOV, PUBG, and Free Fire by recruit best talents not only in Indonesia but also from other countries. Until now, RRQ have won more than 14 championships, which two of them are international competition. For more information about RRQ you can access


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