Canasta, Baked Potato Snack Biscuits from Indofood CBP, The Choice of Youth to Pass the Time

“With Canasta, Your Potato Moment Will Give You a Kick!”

Jakarta, 12 February 2019 - As a snack that was legendary in the 90s, Canasta is back and become one of the latest innovation products from PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur (Indofood CBP) Tbk. Entering as a baked potato biscuit snack category, the unique triangular Canasta has a crunchy texture and savory flavour, produced specifically for teenagers who like to ‘snack’ on snacks in their spare time.

Snacking activities cannot be separated in daily life. According to the results of research conducted by Canasta on adolescents aged 15-18 years, it was revealed that teenagers ‘snack’ on snacks at "Fun Time" or "Passing Time." The "Fun Time" moment is perfect for teens to enjoy snacks after school in the afternoon or while relaxing and playing with family or friends at night.

The daily life of adolescents at school age is not only concentrated with learning agendas, it is also filled to pursue fields or hobbies of interest. Sports and the creative activities, such as music or other types of art, often bring gifted Indonesian teenagers into the world’s stage or arena.

This is an evident from Canasta's research which explains the characteristics of young people who are active, creative, always looking for new challenges and have the passion to make ordinary things extraordinary, on every occasion. But the character above also requires support in order to achieve their goals, as it takes a process and commitment to explore each selected field. When the process takes place, it is not uncommon for them to have to deal with a ‘hit moment’, or often called 'Potato Moment', which is part of the "Fun Time" to pass a boring time lag. That's when their preferred choice of snacks that are practical, easy to carry anywhere, with adequate portion and can be eaten anytime, in the midst of their daily learning and work in their chosen field.

Abraham Nandiwardhana, Senior Brand Manager of Biscuits said, "We are very pleased to be able to bring Canasta back, a biscuit snack for teenagers. Canasta is made from potatoes and wheat that are thinly formed and through the process of making perfect baked goods, Canasta is expected to deliver the right texture and flavour that will create a cheerful atmosphere during “Fun Time” snacking.

"The majority of Indonesian teenagers like snacks with crunchy and savoury flavours. Canasta is launched as the newest superior product from Indofood CBP, in the market segment of teenagers, aged between 15-18 years with three popular flavours, namely barbecue, cheese and seaweed. A practical pillow pack and a unique bite size biscuit snack, makes Canasta the right choice to enjoy a “Fun Time” snacking moment, either alone or together, "explained Abraham Nandiwardhana.

In line with the areas of interest that are often pursued, Canasta's re-presence with new innovations will focus more on getting closer to adolescents through three aspects, namely Art - which raises the creative side, Sports - which promotes the active side, and Music - which raises the challenges of experimenting in life.

The excitement of the three aspects above can be felt through digital campaigns and activation themed #BikinKentangJadiNendang. This campaign invites the participation of adolescents to creatively change the moment of loss or ‘potatoes’ in everyday life to be fun. To be more viral, some Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) will also enliven the #BikinKentangJadiNendang hashtag through Instagram social media, in addition to the variety of exciting content from the @rumahindofood account. The campaign also includes roadshow activities, support for art performances at 15 schools and famous music shows in Jakarta, as well as simultaneous TVC Canasta shows on national TV stations, which will bring excitement to welcome Canasta biscuit snacks on the market.

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