Indomie and Goods Dept. Launch the Latest Fashion Collection

Jakarta, December 6, 2018. PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, instant noodle products, Indomie in collaboration with Goods Dept, launched five fashion collections consisting of unique T-shirts, shirts and tote bags with Indomie designs that are unique and showed as hype abis look, thus transforming the wearer to be HypeAbis. This Indomie x Goods Dept Collection will be introduced for the first time at the launch event, which will take place at Filosofi Kopi – Melawai, Jakarta.

Indomie Marketing General Manager, Lucy Suganda said "Indomie always wants to be close to the community through various product innovations and creative programs. The launch of these fashion collection is a series of Indomie HypeAbis campaigns, namely a series of activities that are popular and hits, so that Indomie remains relevant to Millenials. We hope that this collection can inspire people, especially Millennials, who likes unique and latest fashions.” Previously, in the early 2018, Indomie HypeAbis activities in the foodie world was a collaboration with GO-FOOD and some of its merchants who sell current Indomie menus.

As the most Hypeabis brand of instant noodles, Indomie continues to inspire the tastes of NOW's children with its Fried and Gravy variants. Evidenced by the many outlets that sell Indomie with their respective creations. The result? When we search for Indomie on social media, we can find various forms of Indomie, starting from Indomie which are teamed with various toppings to Indomie which are formed into donuts or burgers or various other types of contemporary menus. This proves, Indomie is very close to the hearts and tongues of the people, including Millenials.

The launch of the Indomie x Goods Dept fashion collection was also filled with HypeAbis music performances, in the form of a remix from Indomie's jingle to be played by Diskoria Selekta, Donut Indomie HypeAbis and also Indomie dishes supported by Warunk Upnormal. Do not miss the Pop Up store where we can buy the Indomie x Goods Dept. collection. So for those who like to post #OOTD and want to continue to have content that is hype, this is it guys! Yup, besides that, all of these HypeAbis collections can also be purchased directly at the nearest Goods Department outlets!

Indomie HypeAbis, makes you HypeAbis!

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