Indofood CBP Launched Green Warmindo Program

Semarang, 1st November 2018 – As forms of our commitment and CSR Program, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood CBP) Noodle Division Semarang Branch launched “Green Warmindo Program”. This CSR Program emphasized on education and segregate packaging waste from Indomie Stalls (Warmindo) to be collected and recycled as one of our efforts to build Circular Economy from packaging waste. The launching event was attended by Indofood’s Management, Bintari Foundation as Indofood’s partner, Warmindo Entrepreneurs, Semarang’s Environment Agency, Sub-district Administrative, Village Administrative and local communities.

“We initiate the segregation and collection packaging waste program from Warmindo since the beginning of 2018. Together with Bintari Foundation as facilitator and implementator, we assessed the collection process of packaging waste from Warmindo to find potencies from accumulated used packaging that still valuable and the most proper and efficient mechanism. As the pilot project, we implement this program in Tembalang Cluster with 28 participated Warmindos. The cluster system allowed us to monitor, mentoring and minimizing the waste collection fee to be more efficient,” said Devie Permana, Head of Indofood CBP, Noodle Division Semarang Branch.

Furthermore, Devie said to build new circular economy from used packaging, the segregation of waste packaging is a pivotal part. The good quality of packaging waste will produce qualified recycle products too. “We provide education and training along with mentoring for every Warmindo entrepreneurs and employees regarding segregation system on packaging waste like Indomie packaging or other used products to be clean and have added value. Besides that, we also educate the storage systems and also time management for waste collection based on agreement with Waste Banks or nearby waste collectors,” he explained. Since July until September 2018, Warmindo cluster Tembalang have managed to collect 646,7 kg packaging waste.

Didi, as one of Warmindo Entrepreneurs in Tembalang said, “In the beginning; Indomie packagings, bottles or other product packaging that we sell every day will be thrown away as waste. However, since we joined the training session from Indofood and Bintari Foundation about segregation waste, we aware that the packaging waste is still valuable for recycling; now we feel the benefits of this program. Besides having additonal income, we also have cleaner outlets and the most important is that we proud to contribute for the environment.

Indofood CBP awared that to solve the waste issues required participation from many parties. “We hope our Warmindo Tembalang partners can spread the segregation habit to their families, Warmindo partners in different area, and customers; so there will be more communities that aware about the segregation waste,” said Devie.

The Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Indofood, Deni Puspahadi explained, “Indofood have commitments to perform sustainable business practices as one of our aspects regarding corporate social responsibilities toward environment. Therefore, our CSR Program related with Circular Economy always developed either in head office or in our branches. One of the program is Green Warmindo initiated by Noodle Division Semarang Branch. There are possibilities to implement this program across all Indofood branches in Indonesia.”

Since 2017 in Semarang Area, Indofood have been established partnerships with 2 Waste Banks which are in Kalipancur Village and Tambakaji Village; the waste banks have been organized by local communities. That two waste banks have been managed more than 13 ton with total clients more than 1,400 people. Not only partnership with the waste banks, Indofood also actively educate environment issues with local communities continuously. Those activities are Indofood contributions to achieve Social Development Goals especialy in sustainable cities & communities, climate action, life below water, life on land dan partnership for the goals points.


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