Succeeding the 2018 Asian Games Torch Parade, Indofood Unite the Spirit of Athletes and Society

Jakarta, July 13th, 2018 - PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ("Indofood"), one of Indonesia’s national food company and the official sponsor of the 2018 Asian Games, today stated its participation in the torch relay i.e., The 2018 Asian Games Torch Relay. In the series of events, held by the Indonesia Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC), Indofood participated in 7 routes of 6 cities in Indonesia, namely Malang (20/7), Denpasar (24/7), Makassar (29/7), Palembang (4/8), Bandung (11/8), East Jakarta (15/8) and the National Monument special routes - GBK Stadium, Jakarta (18/8).

Director of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Axton Salim revealed, "The torch relay parade is an important ceremony and the most anticipated procession in every Asian Games. At that moment all attention will be drawn to our nation, Indonesia. To make this event a success, Indofood also enlivened the torch parade in 6 cities by involving various elements of the community, such as national athletes, the general public and also Indofood employees spread across major cities of Indonesia. As a consequence, the most prestigious sporting event in Asia and the spirit of competitiveness through sport, will continuously resonate at all levels of society in Indonesia."

Axton Salim stated that this is an embodiment of the Indofood campaign, Unite Indonesia's determination and enthusiasm to support the national team and the success of the 2018 Asian Games. "The athletes who participated in the torch parade were represented by footballers from three famous clubs in Indonesia, namely Bali United, Arema FC and Persib Bandung. Representatives from the community are selected from online users who have expressed their support for the national team, through the microsite We also involved two young public figures namely Sheila Dara Aisha and Endy Arfian, as representatives of Indonesia's inspiring and enthusiastic young generation," he continued.

The Director of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Taufik Wiraatmadja said, "We welcome this momentum as an opportunity to promote Indomie and Pop Mie, our two products that have existed in the community, uniting the nation through shared tastes for decades, confirming the value of friendship and pride in the diversity of the Indonesian people, which is currently united in the 2018 Asian Games. In welcoming this sporting party, we also introduced the new Asian Games product from Pop Mie and also introduced Indomie limited edition with Asian-themed packaging, not only is it delicious and unique, but this product will constantly remind the public of this grand event, the pride of Indonesia".

Furthermore, Taufik also added, "The involvement of Indomilk, as a nutritious dairy product, in this grand event is an illustration of the many personality similarities between Indomilk and the 2018 Asian Games. On this occasion, Indomilk launched a new product in the form of Good-to-Go multi-cereal milk that can provide energy for the national team for outstanding achievements, when representing Indonesia. In addition, Indomilk also launched the Asian Games packaging which is supported by an exciting augmented reality game for children and adolescents, to support the success of the biggest sports party in Asia."

Chairperson of the 2018 Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC) Erick Thohir said "We welcome the Indofood campaign to Unite Indonesia's determination and Enthusiasm (Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia), which from the start consistently echoed invitations to all Indonesian people to support and encourage all national athletes and make the 2018 Asian Games a success by becoming good hosts. We as organizers are very happy to see the enthusiasm built by Indofood in involving various groups such as national athletes, the general public and company employees in implementing the Relay Torch. Hopefully this can unite all circles and create new enthusiasm.

"We have prepared optimally as possible for this grand event. Indeed there are still improvements in several parts. But overall, Indonesia is ready to be a good host. We want to leave a memorable and unforgettable experience for every foreign athlete who will compete here, "said Erick Thohir.

The 2018 Asian Games Torch Relay will take place from 18 July. For approximately 30 days, the eternal fire of the Asian Games will pass 50 cities spread across 18 provinces.

Various events have been carried out by Indofood as the 2018 Asian Games official partner. One of them is ‘Indofood Satukan’ social media campaign, involving national athletes and inspirational figures of the younger generation; together with appreciation for Indonesian legendary athletes and coaches at the Indofood Jakarta Fair House. In tandem with the Asian Games parade in May, is the launch of packaging products and TVC specifically for the 2018 Asian Games. Furthermore, in early July 2018, Indofood also supported the Torch Expedition Festival, organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, by providing support in the form of Indomie, Pop Mie and Indomilk to more than 20 thousand participants spread across 44 sub-districts throughout Jakarta.

"Another form of support from Indofood is the involvement of employees in the torch march, as the company's continuing appreciation for their service, which has become an important part of the company's history in producing quality food products and nutrition solutions for families. Hopefully the Indofood campaign initiative Unite Indonesia's determination and enthusiasm to support the success of the 2018 Asian Games, will further unite us in pursuing one goal (direction), for Indonesia", concluded Axton Salim.


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