Encourage Mother to Express Herself When Cooking Bimoli Launches #ICOOKLIKETHIS campaign

Jakarta, 24 April 2018
A series of online and offline activities will be held to support enrichment and self-actualization of young mothers through cooking.

Food is one of the universal things that can bring happiness and strengthen to the family, therefore cooking activities carried out by mothers play a crucial role. From research on cooking behaviour carried out to 803 women, mostly aged 19-33 years in Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, Makassar, and Samarinda from the beginning to mid 2017; Bimoli, quality cooking oil produced by PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk, found that more and more Indonesian young mothers saw cooking as more of a duty and necessity, but also as a pleasure in itself. The results of the study state that young mothers, as ‘The Joyful Giver’, have their own unique way of making cooking one of their activities for expression, enrichment and self-actualization, and at the same time creates happiness for the family.

Therefore, today (24/4) at the Indofood Building Jakarta, Bimoli introduced its latest campaign, #ICOOKLIKETHIS, which is a manifestation of Bimoli's latest tagline, "Start with Happiness". Through the #ICOOKLIKETHIS campaign, Bimoli encourages young mothers to make cooking activities a place to experiment, show their creativity, and learn new things. Bimoli wants cooking activities to be a "happy place" for mothers, where they can freely do things that can make them happy, such as involving the people closest to them, whilst creating a new menu. The kitchen can also be a space for self-expansion for mothers to get out of their daily habits and explore various fun and new opportunities from cooking activities, especially with Bimoli cooking oil. With this campaign, mothers are expected to adhere to the principle that "happiness starts from me", mothers must feel happy first in order to make their families happy.

"Bimoli believes that the happiness of a mother has a significant influence on the happiness of her family and those around her. As the preferred cooking oil for Indonesian families from generation to generation, the #ICOOKLIKETHIS campaign is a form of Bimoli's commitment to continue to be relevant to young mothers. In this campaign aimed at The Joyful Giver who actively takes various roles in their dynamic lives, does not preclude their role to offer the best for their families", said Surya Dharmanto, Head of Marketing at PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk.

The integrated campaign of #ICOOKLIKETHIS, combines a series of digital and offline activities. Digital or online activities include collaborating with several Online Influences to invite young mothers to join in this campaign, by sharing personal experiences on Instagram about the unique ways each mother can cook, especially fried foods.

While for offline activities, Bimoli sees that currently social cooking or cooking together as one of the beneficial activities for young mothers to share and an opportunity for self-actualization. Therefore, Bimoli launched the Bimoli Mobile Roadshow goes to Arisan in major cities in Indonesia, which invited several communities of young mothers to carry out their routine social gathering activities, using mobile kitchen truck facilities and other equipment provided by Bimoli. Through this activity, the community of young mothers who attended the social gathering will get the opportunity to cook c/i.e./local experienced, who will share tips and tricks on how to cook fried foods easily and pleasantly.

In addition, Bimoli also organised the Bimoli Fun Cooking Class with renowned chefs in shopping centres and Bimoli Picnic Day, inviting their mothers and families to enjoy togetherness on holidays with various fun activities facilitated by Bimoli.

In this event, Bimoli also invited Tyna Kanna Mirdad as a guest star and also an Online Influencer who joined the #ICOOKLIKETHIS campaign. "I've always enjoyed cooking, especially frying, and collecting various food recipes. Sometimes, cooking is a lone time for me to listen to my favourite music. Usually when cooking whilst I play my music, my family understands that I am seriously looking for fried recipes that are suitable and that my family will like. From experimenting with favourite fried food recipes whilst listening to music, consequently the bitterballen business was born, which I am currently in", said Tyna.

Based on research conducted by Bimoli, almost everyone likes fried foods with a distinctive aroma, crispy, and taste delicious. So enjoying fried foods is a fun thing and strengthens togetherness. In order to produce delicious fried foods, high-quality cooking oil is needed. Therefore, Bimoli is here to complement The Joyful Giver's happiness and reduce their burden of frying, since Bimoli cooking oil has a stable temperature, the Joyful Giver can feel calm, because the food produced can be perfectly cooked and in accordance with their expectations. This is thanks to several advantages of Bimoli, such as:

1. Made from the best seeds of the best oil palm in the world, namely, Tenera.
2. Implement good governance for plantations with a commitment to manage and preserve the environment.
3. The use of Golden Refinery technology that is capable of producing cooking oil that is heat-resistant, has a stable heat temperature, is not easy to shrink, and produces food that cooks well, both inside and outside.

"As a family-owned cooking oil brand in Indonesia, established in 1978, Bimoli has carried out various innovations, ranging from qualities, variants, slogans, packaging and marketing strategies. The presence of the #ICOOKLIKETHIS campaign is an emphasis on the Bimoli philosophy, which believes that every woman has their own style of cooking and Bimoli is here to support every woman with their unique style of cooking, "Surya closed.


About SIMP Group

SIMP Group (PT Salim Invomas Pratama Tbk) is a verified and integrated agribusiness group with its main activities from research and development, palm oil seed breeding and cultivation to the refinery of palm oil completed with marketing and distribution of cooking oil, margarine, vegetable fats, and other derivative products. SIMP Group also cultivates other plants such as rubber, sugar cane, cacao, and tea.

About Bimoli

Bimoli is one of cooking oil brand that produced by PT salim invomas Pratama Tbk. (SIMP), who owned by PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk and PT Indofood Agri Resources Ltd (IndoAgri). Bimoli firstly introduced to Indonesian market in 1978, while other variants from Bimoli Special introduced later in 1993. As one of the marketing strategy, Bimoli now has established distribution network from Sabang to Merauke.

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