HEALTHY BREAK EDUCATION For 14,455 Targets in Seven Cities April-May 2018

Sidoarjo, April 9th, 2018. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ("Indofood") with PERGIZI PANGAN held a Healthy Breakfast Education for the fourth time. With the theme "Healthy Breakfast and Safe Snacks for a Successful Healthy Generation", this activity targeted 12,600 elementary school students, 525 elementary school teachers, 840 parents, 490 students and lecturers across seven cities in Java. The seven cities were Bogor, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Sidoardjo, and Jember. The event from April to May, was held in order to commemorate the National Nutrition Day and National Breakfast Week (PESAN).

According to the National Breakfast Week Academic Paper, PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia in 2012, showed an unusual prevalence of missing breakfast in children and adolescents 16.9% - 59% and in adults 31.2%. The 2010 Riskesdas food consumption data showed that from a sample of 35,000 school-age children who ate breakfast, only 44.6% received an energy intake of less than 15% of their needs. In other words, 70% or 7 out of 10 school-age children do not meet the breakfast nutritional requirements. These figures should have been greater than15% and up to 30% of their energy requirements (Hardinsyah and Aries M, 2012).

The Chairperson of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah MS, explained, "PERGIZI PANGAN and Indofood continuously provide education to the community, which includes elementary students, parents, teachers, students and lecturers. This year has been the fourth time. The evaluation results we conducted in two cities which became our Healthy Breakfast Education baseline, namely Malang and Purwokerto, which showed an increase in healthy breakfast practices for elementary school students from 57% in 2016, to 73% in 2017. So both PERGIZI PANGAN and Indofood consider it necesseties to continue this as a contribution to efforts in improving the nation's nutrition. The purpose of this Healthy Breakfast Education is to remind and encourage the community, especially school children and adolescents to apply well-balanced nutritional behavior, one of which is to eat a healthy breakfasts, namely consuming a nutritious and wholesome food and beverage that meets 15-30% of the nutritional requirements in the morning, before doing any activities or going to school, before 9 am.

Indofood's Head of Corporate Communications, Stefanus Indrayana, revealed "We always realize that in serving food with a balanced nutrition, we will be able to optimize children's growth and development so that their generation will become healthy and intelligent. Hence, we continue to encourage Indonesian families to be aware of the importance of nutrition, by serving a varied and complete breakfast full of nutrients”. In this activity, Indofood presents an alternative breakfast menu with balanced nutrition in the form of Indomie Goreng as a carbohydrate source, equipped with eggs for protein and vegetables, drinks are served in the form of Club mineral water and Indomilk milk.

The breakfast education activities include: 1) Training for lecturers and students as facilitators of healthy breakfast education, 2) Training and education for healthy breakfast for teachers, 3) Education for healthy breakfast for school children 4) Education for parents of students. The delivery method is designed to be easily understood, in the form of comics. “Come Eat Healthy Breakfast!” and “Alternative Healthy Breakfast Discs”, as initiatives of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia.

After participating in Healthy Breakfast Education, students and lecturers will act as facilitators. This activity collaborates with students and lecturers from the Nutrition and Catering Study Program in seven universities, namely Sahid Jakarta University, Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung, Tasikmalaya Polytechnic, Cirebon Poltekkes, Jenderal Sudirman University Purwokerto, Surabaya State University, and Jember State Polytechnic.

Healthy Breakfast Education program, conducted since 2015, has educated 48,416 elementary school students, 2,782 elementary school teachers, 2,174 parents, 2,462 students and lecturers in 31 cities / regencies in Java. In order to better reach more Indonesian families the importance of healthy breakfast, this year, we will go to elementary schools in seven cities, which have never received a Healthy Breakfast Education. "Our hope is that this educational effort will make people aware of the importance of breakfast, the importance of balanced nutrition so that there will be less children who are malnourished or with poor nutrition, to transform them to a healthy and intelligent generation," Indrayana concluded.


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