Indofood and Karya Salemba Empat Provide Leadership Training for 110 Students at AKMIL Magelang

Magelang, February 6th, 2018. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood) with Karya Salemba Empat Foundation (KSE) held a leadership exercise, Indofood Leadership Camp, for 110 students from 25 state universities in Indonesia who were Indofood Sukses Makmur Scholarship (BISMA) recipients. The training was opened by the Governor of the Military Academy, Major General TNI Eko Margiyono and was attended by Director of Indofood, Joseph Bataona and Chair of KSE, Arief Wana.

For six days, hundreds of students received various training materials such as character building, discipline, defending the country and love of country. The Indofood Leadership Camp (ILC) training series at Akmil emphasizes the formation of mindset, development of strong integrity, creativity and innovative leaders. Through this training students were also given insights into nationalism so that a high sense of love for the motherland was embedded.

Maj. Gen. Eko Margiyono, expressed his support for this program. "We welcome the program carried out by KSE and Indofood. Because in addition to providing scholarships, students are also honed into their leadership and love for the country. We feel that this program is also in line with our vision as a Centre of Excellence that can realize trainee to become professionals that are loved by the people. We hope that after this training the participants can be more active to work in their respective fields for the progress of the nation and the state, "he said.

Through the BISMA program, Indofood wants to provide opportunities for the younger generation to obtain education and develop their potential, explained Joseph Bataona. "In the future, these student will be the main driver of the Indonesian nation. Therefore, we always want to improve and develop the quality of the BISMA Program. In addition to education funding assistance, BISMA also strives to increase the potential, ability and quality of each recipient of the scholarship through various soft skills training. We hope that a strong, integrity and broad-minded generation of young people will be born. Besides that, through the implantations of noble values of the nation, it is hoped that they can also be a generation that knows and defends their country, and builds a better Indonesia", explained Joseph. Until 2018 there were 1,199 students from state universities in Indonesia who had joined the BISMA program since 2009.

Arief Wana said, "We are very concerned about the development of education in Indonesia and we hope that the assistance we provide can encourage other students to work harder to develop themselves. As an institution, we value companies like Indofood who not only provide financial assistance but also provide training to develop soft skills and character. Hopefully a good synergy between Indofood and these students can inspire other organizations to be more concerned about the character development and education of the young generation of Indonesia," he said. KSE has succeeded in cooperating with 25 public universities spread across Indonesia to reach students in a wider area.


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About Karya Salemba Empat

Karya Salemba Empat Foundation (KSE) founded in 1998 by eight alumnus from the Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia in 1984, who believed that the future of the country determined based on the education that they earned. The founder felt that the country has been a great source of helps for students during the university period; therefore, they without obligation urged to give back the subsidies that were given by the country. They formed the payback into scholarships for students that have financial difficulties to finish their study. KSE believes that collaborative efforts to enlighten the country is the key to the future of the country. Education will create smart individuals as the main equity for this country. We believe that every human have the same rights to access education. The partnerships that have been established between the foundation, donators and academics have been the main factor that ensure the development of KSE. We solemnly focus on facilitating formal educations access for students with financial limitations through scholarships program in State Universities all across Indonesia.

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