Indofood Presents "Masak Apa Ya" [What to Cook] As an Initiative to Sharing a More Enjoyable Cooking Experience

Re-launching the most complete cooking and culinary site, with an increase in user experience and features, Indofood presents friends in the kitchen who are ready to accompany and share cooking experiences, for more fun.

Jakarta, December 6th, 2017 - "Masak Apa Ya?" Is a question that often comes down in our minds every day. Cooking can be an exciting and fun activity, but with limited information, cooking can also be a tiring activity. Located at The Mayflower, Sudirman Plaza, Indofood Tower, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk ("ICBP"), on Wednesday (6/12) relaunched the cooking site, as a friend in the kitchen, who faithfully accompanies and provides ideas for delicious dishes, while providing a more enjoyable cooking experience for consumers and those who just want to start and/or want to intensify their cooking experience.

At the launch, Fierman Authar, Head of Consumer Engagement Corporate Marketing ICBP said, "Realizing that cooking and eating together is a special experience that can strengthen family members' relationships, ICBP presents friend in the kitchen, for Indonesian consumers in the form of a complete cooking and culinary site. The relaunch of also further strengthens ICBP's position as a company that not only present quality food products chosen by Indonesian families from generation to generation, but also continue to bring innovation to answer diverse consumer needs.

Vini Juliana, ICBP's Digital Marketing Manager Corporate Marketing explained more about the innovations presented by She said “The site was designed with various features that were easy to use and adapted to the needs of consumers, for example consumers could click on the ‘Masak Apa Ya?’ menu to get a list of menus that can be selected according to each of the ingredients available in the kitchen. In addition, various cooking recipe videos, including celebrity-style cooking videos will make it easier for consumers to make dishes from home menues, to special events such as Ramadan, Eid, social gathering, birthdays, Christmas and New Year."

Vini added, "Not only can the consumers send various recipe creations to be displayed on, but consumers can also interact with nutritionists about information about nutrition through the features of gizipedia. The more active consumers interact on, the more points can be collected to get various attractive prizes from ICBP through periodic drawings. Consumers also no need to worry if they feel they are not familiar with the various cooking terms or tools used to spice up the kitchen, because is equipped with cooking features like a cooking encyclopaedia page, which provides various complete information about cooking terms."

To share a more inspiring cooking experience, ICBP invited Widi Mulia and Chef Chandra Yudasswara, as Guest Stars. On this occasion, Widi Mulia shared his story, "Before I had a family it was important for me to select and cook my own food so that my body will better absorb the nutrients. The difference is that cooking is not as simple as it used to be, now I cook for the family whose members have differing tastes and needs. The presence of greatly helped me every day to deal with the question 'What to Cook?' Especially in times like Ramadan where I have to make children’s food tasteful, every day. Cooking is also one of my ways to educate them on delicious home-cooked food with balanced nutrition. With the presence of, I like to invite best friends to chat and also share the moment, so that cooking becomes more fun."

Chef Chandra Yudasswara, who in his daily life cannot escape from the kitchen, also said, "The society understands well the importance of cooking, but often deals with general questions about what menu to choose, what ingredients to use and how to process them properly. In addition to answering our needs in cooking activities, is also here to help provide an understanding of the importance of cooking to strengthen family relationships. Besides, the dishes that are presented are quite varied from cuisines of the Indonesian archipelago to foreign cuisines, which are interesting to try with the family."

Fierman added, "Through, ICBP is optimistic to accompany consumers at every valuable moment with their family and closest people." Interested in trying? Please visit:


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