Indofood Satukan Tekad & Semangat Indonesia to Support the 2018 Asian Games

Jakarta, April 26th, 2018 - PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk ("Indofood"), as one of the national food companies in Indonesia that has a role in providing the nation's food and nutrition solution, this year along with three brands Indomie, Pop Mie and Indomilk, which have been ever present in Indonesian households for more than 50 years, expressed their support as an official partner in the 2018 Asian Games. The Asian Games will take place from 18th August to 2nd September, 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang.

Director of PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Axton Salim explained, "We are pleased and proud to be able to participate in the biggest sports competition in Asia, the 2018 Asian Games. We also believe that to make Indonesia a superior and outstanding nation in any field, good nutrition is needed as well. As a company that helps provide food and nutrition solutions, Indofood consistently provides a variety of support to national sports activities such as soccer, badminton and running."

Axton Salim added that sports activities also have a positive impact and have important influence on a nation’s basic values, to be passed on from generation to generation such as, sportsmanship, courage and perseverance, which can unite the Indonesian people.

Indofood initiated a movement to Unite Indonesia's Determination and Enthusiasm (Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia) by inviting people to unite their spirit of enthusiasm to support the national team that will compete and be a good host, for the success of the 2018 Asian Games. "We are advancing together as a nation, fighting for one goal, for Indonesia," Axton Salim stated.

Meanwhile, the Director of PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Taufik Wiraatmadja, said, " The Consumer Branded Product Group (CBP Group) welcomed the collaboration with the Asian Games. This collaboration can be an important momentum for our brands, Indomie, Pop Mie and Indomilk in uniting and spreading enthusiasm for the young competitors of the Asian Games. We also support the Indofood movement to Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia. Via two instant noodle products, in our marketing campaign, we believe we can celebrate and remind the public of the biggest sporting event in Asia, which promotes Indonesia".

Taufik Wiraatmadja, also added, "In addition to instant noodles, we also include the Indomilk brand in this grand event. Indomilk as a nutritious dairy product, symbolizes the spirit of the 2018 Asian Games event, which projects enthusiasm and energy for the national team in their quest to achieve their best, in representing Indonesia. On this occasion, Indomie and Indomilk will launch a special packaging for the 2018 Asian Games so that the public, especially the younger generation, can remember and support the success of the Indonesian team, in the biggest sporting event in Asia."

INASGOC's Vice Director of Revenue, Cahyadi Wanda, said, "We are very grateful for Indofood's support and welcome one of the largest national food and beverage companies supporting the 2018 Asian Games, since this is the largest international-scale sports party to be attended by 45 countries in Asia, covering 40 sports and 463 match numbers by 10,000 athletes. Hopefully Indofood's support can improve the good image of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. We invite all Indonesian people to take part in the success of the 18th and the 2018 Asian Games, supporting the Indofood initiative Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia for the national team and unite the whole community not only in this biggest sporting event but for other activities and so on."

Various Indofood activities at the 2018 Asian Games have been prepared, including appreciation to the legendary Indonesian athletes at Indofood House in June, the launch of the Indofood microsite, Torch Relay tour, running together on Car Free Day, and other activities during this sporting party. The ‘u-Torch Relay’ tour will be the culmination of the Indofood series of campaigns to bring together Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia to support the 2018 Asian Games, where Indomie, Pop Mie, and Indomilk brands will participate in this historic moment. "Hopefully the Indofood movement initiative will bring together the Satukan Tekad dan Semangat Indonesia to further unite us as a strong nation," concluded Axton Salim.



About PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk

Over the last two decades, Indofood has progressively transformed into a Total Food Solutions company with operations in all stages of food manufacturing, from the production of raw materials and their processing, to consumer products in the market. Today, it is renowned as a well-established company and a leading player in each business category in which it operates. In its business operations, Indofood capitalizes on economies of scale and a resilient business model with four complementary Strategic Business Groups (“Group”), namely:

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