Taste the Flavors of Aceh in Indomie Goreng Aceh

Banda Aceh, January 28th, 2018. Starting in 2018, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (ICBP) released its latest innovation, Indomie Goreng Aceh. The new variant complements the series of Indomie flavors that have always elevated the original taste of regional dishes in Indonesia. The launch of this new variant was conducted at Blang Padang Field, Banda Aceh City.

Elvin Santoso, Branch Manager of the Medan branch of PT ICBP Instant Noodle Division, revealed "Acehnese Fried Noodle fans are not only found in their home regions of Aceh and Medan, but have spread to other cities on the island of Sumatra and other islands in Indonesia. The distinctive taste in the Mi Aceh, which is thick with spicy flavor, always keeps its fans excited. The same passion can also be felt in our new product, Indomie Goreng Aceh. In addition to getting Indomie closer to its loyal consumers, Indomie Lovers, we also hope that the new Indomie variant will elevate Acehnese cuisine to be better known and loved by society."

Aceh's excitement livened up the new product launch from Indomie. It starts with morning exercise and continues with breakfast together. The Acehnese who attended, had the opportunity to taste the Indomie Goreng Aceh breakfast. In addition, the community was also entertained with various performances such as the typical Acehnese dance, namely Saman Dance and also the attractive performance of the marching band, which added to the excitement. The highlight of the event was the presence of Banda Aceh City Government Official who cut the ‘tumpeng’ cone, as a sign of the new product launch for Indomie. Further, the merchants of Warung Makan Indomie (Warmindo) were present to add the enthusiasm of Indomie's creative cooking competition. They cooked various Indomie-based menus to be assessed and then presented to the people. Other competitions were held such as Arabic-language debate competitions, calligraphy competitions, and several other competitions involving students from Islamic boarding schools in Banda Aceh and its surroundings. In addition to the Santri, the participation of several kindergartens and elementary schools also livened the competitions held.

The community also seemed enthusiastic in welcoming Indomie with a new variant, Indomie Goreng Aceh.

Indomie's new products are distributed in the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and Medan regions at a price of Rp 2,500/pack and a net weight of 90 Gr. "We also carry out promotional activities through various channels, such as distributing interesting videos through digital, radio advertisements in the Aceh and Medan regions. Anticipate the authenticity of spices and the vibrant spirit of the Acehnese in Indomie Goreng Aceh!” Elvin remarked.



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