"Show Your Determination Through #IndomieUniqMie"

  Indomie Invites Consumers to Create Unique Recipes


Jakarta, February 1st, 2017 – To celebrate 45 years of Indomie’s contribution to Indonesian culinary history and development, PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (“ICBP”) held a “unique recipe” competition entitled #IndomieUniqmie. Through this event, Indomie invited Indonesians to create signature dishes using Indomie as the main ingredient. The #IndomieUniqmie competition commenced from 23 February 2017 until 23 April 2017.


The #IndomieUniqmie competition is Indomie’s token of appreciation to Indonesian consumers who have made Indomie part of their daily life in leisure time with family and friends, also in the effort to achieve their dreams and aspirations. This bond has encouraged consumers to invent creative ways to enjoy and serve Indomie on various occasions, by adding an array of toppings or combining with other dishes. “Not only  Indomie is easy and quick to serve, it can also be creatively incorporated into a unique dish. Through this event, we invite people to compete by presenting their most standout recipes using Indomie as the star of the dish,” Julia Atman, General Manager Marketing Noodle Division, PT Indofood ICBP Sukses Makmur Tbk explained.


The competition is open for public. Each participant is given the freedom to create their one-of-a-kind and original  Indomie recipes, for either Indonesian, international or fusion food, and submit the recipe to The recipe should use Indomie as the main ingredient, keeping its original shape and texture, as well as using halal ingredients.


In organizing this #IndomieUniqmie competition, Indomie collaborated with a multitalented actor, Nicky Tirta, who has a strong passion for culinary. “Because cooking and working in the culinary industry is my dream, I explore creativity by creating recipes, including those using Indomie that has always been a part of my family’s life,” said Nicky Tirta who is currently known as Chef, but prefers to be called Home Chef.


This is the message that we want to convey to Indonesians. “We believe that with hard work and strong determination, a dream can come true. Therefore, through #IndomieUniqmie we hope to inspire consumers whose dream is to become a culinary entrepreneur, especially for dishes with Indomie as the main ingredient. It has always been Indomie’s commitment (to relate to your aspirations),” Julia added. To inspire novel ideas, Indomie has released six unique Indomie recipe videos: Burger Indomie, Siomay Indomie, baked Carbonara Indomie, Taco Indomie Rendang, Indomie Ayam Jamur and Teriyaki Indomie Cup. All six videos can be viewed on YouTube.


To promote this nationwide competition, Indomie will hold roadshows in four (4) cities namely Medan, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Makassar. In each city, the audience can experience #IndomieUniqMie recipes created by Nicky Tirta, and other interesting events. The best five (5) #IndomieUniqMie recipes from all over Indonesia will compete in the Grand Final in Bandung to win a total prize of IDR 300 million.




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