Indomie Rasa Tengkleng (Mutton Broth Flavored Indomie) is Now Available in Central Java

Solo, December 4th 2016 – PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (ICBP) again spoils the taste buds of its loyal customers in Central Java by presenting its new innovation, Mutton Broth Flavored Indomie (Indomie Kuah rasa Tengkleng). This new variant is inspired by people in Central Java who love the taste of mutton broth.


Indomie rasa Tengkleng offers tasteful broth with a choice of seasonings and spices, added with a vegetable based topping that presents a distinctive taste. Indomie Kuah rasa Tengkleng is the perfect dish to warm up the ambience.


According to General Manager Marketing Noodle Division, Julia Atman, “We present Indomie Rasa Tengkleng to complement our portfolio of Indomie variants in regional flavors category. This new product launching is the evidence of our commitment to enhance satisfaction of our customers who always expect new taste variants. We will continue to innovate by combining Indonesia’s unique flavors with Indomie products. We hope that Indomie Rasa Tengkleng will become the top choice of our customers in Central Java."


The launching of this new variant is held in Fort Vastenburg, Solo. “We choose Solo as the site for the launching, since tengkleng is the specialized dish from this city”, adds Devie Permana, Branch Manager for Noodle in Greater Semarang area. The event is attended by 5,000-10,000 attendees. “The event today holds many activities, such as cooking demo of Indomie Rasa Tengkleng, carnival, various games for children as well as mothers with many attractive gifts. This intimate event reflects the warmth of a bowl of Indomie Rasa Tengkleng with its original taste that brings warmth and peace,” shares Devie. Starting in November 2016, the new variant is available both in modern and traditional markets across Central Java, with 75 gram regular packaging priced at Rp 2,000,- per package.




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