ICBP Launches Indonesia’s First Purple Sweet Potato Flavored SUN Variant
    • Purple sweet potatoes are rich with anthocyanin content, effective to support health endurance of babies and are natural source of antioxidants


Jakarta, October 3rd 2016 – Breast milk is the best baby feeding. Breastfeeding is sufficient during the first 6 months of infants. On top of its nutrition content for infant growth, breast milk also contains substances that improve infants’ immune system. After 6 months, breast feeding needs to be supplemented with complementary foods that offer high nutrition values to increase infants’ strength and ensure their optimum growth.


During infant growth period, 70% to 80% of their immune cells are created within the digestive tract. However, physiologically, infants’ digestive tract has yet to function properly as the infants’ immune system. Therefore, infants are prone to indigestion problems while they develop a healthy digestive system to absorb nutrition from the food. 

“Recognizing the critical period during infant growing period, SUN, a brand for fortified complementary food from PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (ICBP), introduces the purple sweet potato flavor. This is the first fortified complementary food in Indonesia that uses purple sweet potato as an alternative source of carbohydrate, replacing rice. The new product contains more than 30% of purple sweet potato with rich anthocyanin content - a healthy natural antioxidant to support infants’ strength. As with other variants, the new purple sweet potato flavored SUN variant is also fortified with 11 different vitamins and 7 minerals”, says Desi Hendradiani, SUN Brand Manager,  Nutrition & Special Foods Division ICBP (during SUN Purple Sweet Potato Launching Conference held in Wyl’s Kitchen, Jakarta).


“Purple sweet potato is considered as one of the local super food, given its high beta-carotene and anthocyanin contents. Using the right processing approach, we can produce purple sweet potato food products that are nutritious, durable and safe to be consumed as complementary food even for young infants. Fortified complementary foods from purple sweet potato offer not just complete and balanced nutrition content, but also high natural antioxidant, anthocyanin and beta-carotene contents,” adds Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan, MS., Professor, Community Nutrition Department, Bogor Institute of Agriculture


Dr. Julistio Djais, Sp.A (K), M.Kes, pediatrician and children nutrition consultant, says, “Adequate nutrition intake and healthy digestion will improve children’s endurance system. Mothers need to pay attention to the nutrition content of their children’s food. On top of containing macro nutrition ingredients, children’s food also need to contain micro nutrition ingredients, such as iron, zinc, vitamins and other minerals. Children’s digestion health is also influenced by its bacterial balance. Consumption of fibers and anthocyanin with probiotics also play a role in maintaining the bacterial balance of the digestion system, thus help preserving the health of the digestion system that translates to children’s immune system.”


“The launching of the purple sweet potato flavored is one of the effort of SUN, a fortified complementary food brand that has supported Indonesian mothers for over 25 years, in ensuring sufficient intake of nutrition for the country’s young generation. This innovation is an evidence of Indofood Nutrition’s commitment in supporting the government’s program to address the country’s food and nutrition problems. SUN is confident that sufficient consumption of nutrients for infants will ensure their optimum growth and help creating the Country’s Healthy Generation,” closes Desi.




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