Four Right Solutions for Children Growth
  • Promina socializes its four right criteria: the right texture, flavor choices, a complete set of nutrition intakes and the right life stage, factors that help shaping healthy eating habits since early age.
  • Healthy eating habits protect children from becoming picky eaters. Mothers need to introduce breast-milk complementary food (“MPASI”) and four right solutions for children’s nutrition completeness. 


Jakarta, November 12th 2016 – As one of Indonesia’s largest baby food producers, Indofood Nutrition from PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (“ICBP”) establishes partnership with the 2016/2017 Medical Doctor Graduation Committee from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia to conduct a Seminar and Training Session in The Right Nutrition for Babies and Infants as part of the Annual Scientific Meeting CIPRIME “Current Issue in Pediatric Nutrition & Metabolic Problems”. The two-day seminar was held on November 12-13 in Grand Sahid Jakarta Hotel, attended by leading health experts and practitioners as well as the press.


As a fortified MPASI brand from ICBP’s Nutrition and Special Food (“NSF”) Division, Promina gave support to the event in line with its mission to improve children nutrition through innovation of quality products. Promina understands every parent’s wishes of healthy, growing and thriving children. Parents play a crucial role in introducing health eating habits to their children. Early introduction of healthy eating habits is important for optimum children growth. “In these seminar series, Promina socializes the following four right criteria for children’s food products:

1. The right texture

2. Rich flavor choices

3. Complete set of nutrition intakes

4. The right life stage

that help introducing healthy eating habits for children,” according to ICBP NSF Division’s Scientific and Medical Program, Andri Susanti

DR. dr. Damayanti Sjarif, Sp.A (K), Division Head of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Department of Pediatric FKUI, RSCM, shares that “Healthy eating habits can be introduced since the baby is born, by providing exclusive breast milk during the first six months. After six months, infants have to consume food supplements with rich nutrition content to fulfill their energy, protein and micronutrient requirements, such as iron, zinc, calcium, phosphor, magnesium and vitamin A. If their nutrition requirements are fulfilled, infants can grow optimally.”


Dr. Damayanti adds that since in their mother’s wombs, embryos can sense the different tastes of amniotic fluids and as they grow, children develop their understanding of food taste complexities. Therefore, it is important to encourage children to experiment with various food tastes. The more diverse the food tastes the children are exposed to, the lower their chance in becoming picky eaters. 


"In preparing the breast-milk complementary food, mothers need to consider a list of criteria from the World Health Organization on food guidelines for babies and infants, namely time consistency, the right nutrition, safe and proper feeding in terms of the right texture based on infant’s age, taste assortments, and responsive feeding,” explains DR. dr. Sri Sudaryati Nasar, Sp.A(K)., Pediatrician, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Consultant. 


Physical and Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor, dr. Luh Karunia Wahyuni, Sp.KFR(K), adds “Eating skills need to be learned through the right stimulation. As children develop their eating skills according to their age, they need to be introduced to the right food texture. Start with smooth cereals at 6 month, then introducing soft cereals or chopped food in 8 month and above, and family food at 12 month”.


Mothers need to practice responsive feeding to ensure a pleasurable eating experience for their children. “Eating process does not only aim at providing nutrition intakes but also affect children’s psychological growth. Introducing eating process as a pleasurable experience helps creating a closer mother and children bonding, as well as stimulating children’s psychological growth”, shares dr. Tjhin Wiguna, Sp. KJ(K), Children and Adolescent Psychiatrist.


To support Indonesian children’s nutrition intake, especially during their First One Thousand Days, Promina introduces the four right criteria with health and nutrition experts, midwives and Health Post (posyandu) cadres. Through its fortified MPASI quality products, Promina hopes it can contribute to the development of well-nutritioned, smart, active and creative Indonesian generation.  With its right texture to stimulate oromotoric skills, selection of flavors to help mothers in introducing taste varieties and preventing children from becoming of picky eaters, a complete set of nutrition rich in macro and micro nutritional content that children need, as well as the most complete set of products for children of all ages, namely 6 month, 8 month and 12 month and above, Promina is the right product to help introducing healthy eating habits to support optimum children growth. 



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