Eat Fried Indomie to Brighten Up Your Day - Jakarta Fair Kemayoran

Jakarta, July 16th, 2016 – PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indofood CBP) holds the event “Eat Fried Indomie to Brighten Up Your Day” in Indofood CBP instant noodle booth at the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK). This event has about 120 participants join in, including loyal Indomie consumers, bloggers, and JFK visitors, and it features Takeru Kobayashi, who was previously awarded six Guinness Records for hot dog, hamburger, pizza, pasta, meatball and sponge cake eating competitions.


General Manager of Corporate Marketing PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk, Frinzy Zulkarnain, says that through this event, Indofood CBP seeks to provide new experiences and excitement for consumers. The participants are provided with Fried Indomie with vegetables and eggs to be consumed in a given amount of time. “Fried Indomie is one of Indofood’s most famous product that Indonesians tend to eat it as breakfast to brighten up their days,” she says.


The most exciting part is when the participants witness Takeru Kobayashi’s skills as a Japanese world class competitive eater, who finishes dozens of bowls of Fried Indomie in 3 minutes. Takeru gives some tips and tricks to be a World Champion, and also shares his eating competitions’ experiences around the world. Takeru Kobayashi holds many world records, some of which are for finishing 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes, 144 tacos in 10 minutes, 5.4 kilograms of chicken satay, and many more.


Throughout the event, all participants are entertained by Indofood Marching Band’s performance, which plays Indonesian traditional songs, as well as through some various fun games with prizes, such as Indofood Group vouchers with a total value of up to millions of rupiahs. To sum it up, Indofood Group gives out some doorprizes and interesting souvenirs at the closing of the event..




About PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk

ICBP is an established and one of the market leading players in the consumer branded products sector. We are engaged in diverse business categories, such as noodles, dairy, snack foods, food seasonings, nutrition and special foods, and beverages. We also operate a packaging business, producing both flexible and corrugated packaging to support our main business. 


We provide everyday solutions for consumers throughout their life journeys across market segments, with more than 40 product brands. Many of these brands are the leading brands and enjoy significant market positions in Indonesia, backed by decades of trust and loyalty from millions of consumers. 


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In addition our products are also present in more than 60 countries globally.


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