Protecting Environment with the Community

ICBP actively engages with Government, local communities, and NGOs to protect the environment. We support the Government’s waste management initiatives through the Waste Bank and Green Warmindo programs, and partner with the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA) to drive other environmental conservation efforts. More details on this program are explained under Environmental Stewardship section in our Sustainability Report.

A Clean Ciliwung Movement
ICBP and Indofood are actively involved in the Clean Ciliwung Movement (Gerakan Ciliwung Bersih or GCB), a comprehensive multi-stakeholder initiative that involves the Government, educational institutions, corporations, and community organizations who are a part of the Ciliwung River Caring Community, and committed to protecting the Ciliwung River Basin. The initiative focuses on increasing public awareness of the importance of preserving the river, promoting ecotourism and education, recycling waste and using innovative technology, and developing urban farming through hydroponic cultivation.

Through the River Waste Processing Site (Tempat Olah Sampah Sungai or TOSS), the initiative aims to improve the Ciliwung River’s ability to provide clean water for the people of Jakarta, while also mitigating the risks of hydrometeorological disasters. Through TOSS, waste separation is encouraged at the source and the goal is to promote circular economy practices and reduce waste.