Labor Practices

ICBP complies with prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia related to labor practices.

Freedom of Association

All ICBP employees have the right of freedom of association to participate in any labor unions of their choice. We regularly engage workers’ unions in open dialogues to improve communication and industrial relations between the Company and employees, and collective bargaining to establish Collective Labor Agreements. A separate labor grievance mechanism through the management channel is also available to all employees.

Equal Opportunities

ICBP respects diversity and equal opportunities at the workplace. We offer equal and fair career development opportunities to all employees regardless of race, religion, gender or any other individual characteristic. Employee recruitment and performance evaluation are solely based on skills, experiences and capabilities.

No Child and Forced Labor

We comply with the labor laws and regulations, and do not engage in child labor or forced labor. ICBP’s hiring policy prohibits the hiring of employees below the legal employment age of 18.

Employee Welfare

We provide remuneration in accordance with prevailing national and local regulations. ICBP employees enjoy healthcare services and benefits, including medical clinic visits, annual medical checkups and nursery rooms. Female employees are given three months of paid maternity leave. We also provide opportunities to our employees to go on extended leave for religious pilgrimages, such as the Islamic Hajj. Children of employees can also apply for company scholarships, which can potentially cover education fees from elementary school to university.