Knowing how and where our products were produced is paramount to ICBP’s approach to traceability. We trace our finished products to the location of their production lines and the provenance of their materials (i.e. production factory address and country of origin).

We source palm oil related products from Indofood Group of companies in which each metric ton of palm oil can be traced back to plantations and palm oil mills origin including its refinery dispatch number and certificate status. Wheat flour supplies sourced from Bogasari Group of Indofood are also produced from wheat which are traceable to their country of origin. Also, our carton product can be traced to the production line and source of origin. For commodities such as potato, fresh chili, and fresh milk, their origins can be traced to the group of partner farmers or cooperatives who produced them (i.e. name of cooperatives, address, and country).


  • Please see our Sustainability Report for more updates on our practices to ensure traceability and transparency