The skills and knowledge of our employees are vital to ICBP's success, which is why we place a strong emphasis on continuous development through a variety of training programs. We also recognize that every employee has the potential to excel and deserves opportunities for career development.

Employee Competency Development

By providing various training opportunities, including on-the-job training and e-learning programs, we strengthen individual competencies and improve organizational performance. Our training programs cover both technical and non-technical content, with technical training aimed at building specific skills and leading to qualifications or certifications, and non-technical training focused on areas such as leadership, work organization, financial planning, and business communication. Our training programs are continuously updated and tailored to the evolving needs of our employees and our businesses.

We offer training to employees at all levels and customize it to their needs and job roles. By investing in employee training and development, we aim to promote talent retention and employee motivation.

Career Development and Performance Appraisal

Developing and nurturing our own employees lays a strong foundation for sustainable growth. We provide opportunities for professional development and career development options through role-rotations, exposure to senior management, and training opportunities that are developed and catered to the company’s and employees’ needs.

Annual performance appraisals for all employees are conducted through Performance Management System. This opens the dialogue on career development and provides an opportunity to understand employee aspirations. Through planning, supervision, and evaluation, we help employees understand their goals and our expectations.