ICBP develops inclusive business model to improve the welfare of communities. This program carried out through partnerships with farmers, raw material suppliers, and SMEs in the value chain.


  • Partnerships with Farmers
    ICBP builds sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with local potato, chili, cassava, shallot and coconut sugar farmers to secure the supply of raw materials for production. We also provide training on modern agricultural techniques and good agricultural practices to improve the quality, quantity and productivity of our partners’ crops.

    In 2020, we started the breeding of chipping potato seedlings for local agriculture in Humbang Hasundutan Regency in order to support horticulture activities and participate in the development of the new food barns in Humbang Hasundutan North Sumatra. Food Estate Sumatra Utara is a Government program to support national food self-sufficiency and the farmers’ welfare.

  • Partnerships with Cow Breeders
    ICBP has a partnership program with cow breeders to procure fresh milk supplies for our Dairy Division through the dairy farm cooperatives. The partnership program entails supplying hundreds of dairy cows to the cooperative members, providing soft loans for the purchase of milk coolers, and offering guidance to improve the quality of dairy cows. The program has enabled the continuous supply of fresh milk as a raw material for our dairy products.

  • Partnerships with Tempe Entrepreneurs
    ICBP has a partnership program with producers of tempe, a traditional ingredient for one of our snack products. This has fostered a strong community of tempe entrepreneurs who are able to share experiences, knowledge and training on the production of tempe in accordance with GMP. In 2020, we continued to support our tempe suppliers by improving the quality and efficiency of their production.

  • Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture (“PISAgro”)
    ICBP is a member of Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture (“PISAgro”), a joint initiative between the government and various agribusiness stakeholders to support national food security and improve the welfare of farmers through sustainable agricultural practices.

    In 2020, PISAgro through all of its members, has succeeded in establishing sustainable partnerships with around one million farmers throughout Indonesia. Apart from contributing to increasing productivity and welfare of farmers, PISAgro was actively securing the raw materials supply chain for the agro-industrial sector.

  • Partnership with Indomie Entrepreneurs
    ICBP partners with Indomie stallholders through the Warmindo program, which aims to impart best practices on food hygiene and food stall management, and to encourage better welfare among the stallholders.

    In 2020, we continued to reach out to the food stalls that serve ready-to-eat Indomie. We also invited Warmindo entrepreneurs to our noodles factory to observe the production of Indomie and learn the principles of GMP.

  • Pojok Selera
    Pojok Selera is an economic empowerment program through culinary enterpreunership training. This program encourages the community to become culinary entrepreneurs. It also supports the national movement of “Proudly Made in Indonesia” (Bangga Buatan Indonesia or BBI) through capacity enhancement training programs for the assisted SMEs. In 2020, ICBP through Pojok Selera has implemented acceleration programs for the assisted SMEs to leverage their competencies through several trainings, which included, among others digital marketing and e-commerce. These trainings enabled them to expand the market and provide opportunities to sustain their businesses during COVID-19 pandemic.