The challenges of COVID-19 in 2020 have not only been tough on businesses and economies, but also on people’s health and livelihoods. In a show of solidarity with our country and communities, ICBP was involved in various humanitarian efforts to tackle the spread of this deadly disease.


  • Fighting COVID-19
    ICBP is committed to supporting our community through this challenging time. We have participated in the following humanitarian relief efforts:


    • As there was a shortage of medical equipment at the start of the pandemic, ICBP, together with its parent entity, Indofood and several organizations, funded and distributed medical equipment to hospitals across Indonesia through the National Disaster Management Agency (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana or BNPB).
    • We distributed food staples to financially disadvantaged families who were adversely affected by the pandemic.
    • We provided disinfectants to communities around our operating units.
    • ICBP collaborated with two other companies, to set up special wards for COVID-19 patients at two hospitals.


  • Indofood Peduli Posts
    Indofood Peduli Posts are set up to facilitate the distribution of food and other essential necessities to victims in times of natural disasters. Our nationwide presence allows us to respond swiftly in providing the supplies, which include instant noodles, baby food and drinking water, as well as school supplies, disinfectants and mattresses.

    In 2020, ICBP supported the victims of flood in Jakarta, Tangerang, Lebak, South Solok and Gorontalo. We supplied instant noodles, distributed school supplies, as well as disinfectant refills and mattresses.

    In mid of 2020 ICBP handed over the permanent houses that were built for the earthquake victims in Palu, Sigi, Lombok and Jayapura where its construction was commenced in 2019. These housing projects are integrated with schools, playgrounds, markets and places of worship, and were built through a collaboration with other donors.

  • Donations for Religious Celebrations
    ICBP marks the major religious festivals through various events and donations to its communities. In 2020, with strict health protocols in place due to COVID-19, we continued with our traditions for Ramadan, Eid Al-Adha, Vesak and Christmas.

    Through Safari Ramadan, we distributed products to more than 80 Islamic organizations including orphanages, schools, mosques and foundations sited near our operations. To commemorate the feast of Eid Al-Adha, we contributed cows and goats as Qurban donation to be distributed to more than 30,000 recipients.

    In commemorating Vesak Day, we sponsored computers and installed an internet connection for students of the Insan Teratai Junior High School at Tangerang. As part of the year-end festivities, we distributed Christmas presents and products to the needy in neighboring communities

  • Blood Donation Drive
    ICBP works with the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia or “PMI”) to organize blood donation drives every year. All healthy and eligible employees are encouraged to support these events by signing up as blood donors.

    In 2020, we continued to support the PMI and local government officials, noting that national blood supplies have fallen due to COVID-19. With all the safety protocols in place, we rallied our staff to participate in the blood donation drives at the Indofood Head Office and operating units.