Aimed to provide convenient solution for its consumers, the Food Seasonings Division was established as a producer of: powdered and liquid seasoning, condiments and syrups, with distinctive Indonesian taste.

Families can now enjoy great tasting food prepared in the most practical way, allowing them to spend more time with each other.

As wholesome as the flavor of its Racik seasonings, as hot as its 'Extra Hot' chili sauce, as fresh as its syrups, Food Seasonings products spiced Indonesian families' lives up.


Sambal Indofood

Sambal Indofood, a product of PT Nestle-Indofood Citarasa Indonesia, boasts six flavor variants to accommodate all your gastronomic fares.
Bumbu Special Indofood

Made from a combination of fresh natural spices that goes through a pasteurization process to maintain its freshness.
Bumbu Racik

Deliciously Natural Seasoning.

Bumbu Racik Indofood presents a practical solution in producing deliciously-tasting everyday menus. It is available in five variants: Nasi Goreng, Ayam Goreng, Sayur Lodeh, Sayur Asem and Tumis.
Indofood Freiss

The real fruit aroma from Indofood now enriched with honey.


Freiss Syrup from Indofood is made of fresh fruits and real sugar. As the only syrup that is enriched with the goodness of honey, Freiss Syrup from Indofood is fresh to serve in any situations.
Kecap Indofood

Perfect processing plus double purification method gives Indofood's sweet soy sauce its smooth texture, piquant flavor, and a delightful taste that seeps effortlessly into your cooking.
Kecap Piring Lombok

Kecap kental yang manis, kita semua kenal kelezatan resep nusantara sejak dahulu kala. Tapi, untuk kelezatan rasa yang sempurna, Kecap Piring Lombok pilihannya.