Enhancing Governance In Enviromental Management

Indofood implements various environmental management programs as part of CSR. These include:

  • Sustainable Plantations
    Through its Agribusiness Group, the Company is actively engaged in the sustainable production of palm oil. We benchmark our efforts to the best industry sustainability practices and standards. We have made a commitment to achieve the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”) and Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (“ISPO”) for all our estates and palm oil mills by 2019. As of end December 2014, 332,000 tonnes or 35% of the Group’s total CPO production were certified to RSPO standards. The Group also achieved ISPO certification for 45,000 tonnes or 5% of the total CPO production. We adopt a zero burning policy to reduce carbon footprint, and maintain the High Conservation Value (“HCV”) areas in accordance with RSPO and ISPO requirements. We are phasing out the use of paraquat by exploring alternative herbicides, and taking advantage of the high potassium content found in by-products to replace the use of chemical fertilizers.
    In 2014, we had five additional operating units participating in the Environment Ministry’s Program for Company’s Environmental Management Performance Rating (“PROPER”). This brings our total PROPERcertified operating units to 47. Of the 47 operating units, five operating units were certified with the Green Rating and the remaining 42 operating units attained the Blue Rating.
  • Environmental Management System
    The Company has implemented an Environmental Management System (“EMS”), which enables a number of operating units within the Bogasari and CBP (which includes the Noodles, Dairy, Nutrition & Special Foods and Packaging Divisions) Groups to be awarded ISO 14001. We are committed to implementing the EMS across all operating units.