ICBP supports the development of small and medium enterprises across the food value chain from upstream to downstream by establishing partnerships with farmers, cow breeders and tempe producers, as well as via Indomie Entrepreneur Partnerships (“Warmindo”) and Food Entrepreneurs (“Pojok Selera”).


  • Partnerships with Farmers.
    ICBP has established several synergetic partnerships with thousands of local farmers of potato, chili, cassava, shallot and coconut sugar. We provide mentorship and training in good agricultural practices that highlight efficient farming techniques to maximize output. This partnership benefits both parties as ICBP agrees to purchase their agricultural products at a fair price, which help farmers to improve their livelihoods and has enabled ICBP to secure a reliable supply of quality raw materials.

  • Partnerships with Cow Breeders.
    Since 2013, the Dairy Division has collaborated with a cow breeder cooperative in East Java on a revolving cow scheme. Under the scheme, a partner breeder provides three calves to other breeders within a five-year period. The program is expected to increase the dairy cow stock and relieve the growing domestic demand for fresh milk.

  • Partnerships with Tempe Producers.
    Tempe is a healthy, traditional soybean cake and a main ingredient in ICBP’s Qtela Tempe products. We share best practices in hygienic production processes with local tempe producers to help them boost their tempe quality, production and income.

  • Partnership for Indonesia Sustainable Agriculture (“PISAgro”)
    Both ICBP and Indofood are members of PISAgro, a joint initiative between the Indonesian government and various stakeholders in the agribusiness sector. PISAgro aims to support national food security and improve the welfare of local farmers through sustainable agriculture. ICBP and Indofood as Chair of the Potato Working Group and member of the Soybean Working Group.

    PISAgro aims to achieve 20% productivity improvement, 20% farmer welfare improvement and 20% GHG emission reductions by 2020. To support these targets, PISAgro is collaborating with financial institutions to extend business credits to farmers through farming cooperatives.

  • Indomie Entrepreneurs Partnership
    The Noodles Division supports small Indomie stall entrepreneurs through the Warmindo program. The program aims to improve business operations of Indomie stalls by providing training in areas such as hygiene in food handling and food stall management. The Warmindo helps elevate the quality of food and services, as well as improve the livelihood of Warmindo entrepreneurs.

  • Pojok Selera
    Pojok Selera is a program that supports local entrepreneurs in setting up non-rice food businesses. It provides training on financial management and other business skills, and other forms of assistance to help kick-start small enterprises.