ICBP readily responds to and participates in relief operations to assist people affected by natural disasters and other emergencies. We also run various philanthropic activities to help communities and groups that are in need.


Indofood Peduli Post

ICBP’s nation-wide presence allows the Company to provide ready assistance, such as food supplies, to areas affected by disasters. Indofood Peduli Posts can be quickly operationalized to help victims. In 2017, ICBP provided food supplies to Rohingya refugees, participated in relief efforts following the volcanic eruptions of Mount Agung and Mount Sinabung and floods in Yogyakarta and South Tapanuli.

Indofood Service Day

ICBP employees are encouraged to participate in social initiatives championed by Indofood, such as blood donation drives by the Indonesian Red Cross. Through these charitable activities, we hope to inspire our employees to do more for local communities and the society.