ICBP actively engages the local communities and non-government organizations (“NGO”) to protect the environment. We support the government’s waste management efforts through our Green Warmindo and the Indofood Waste Bank. We are also involved in other environment conservation efforts, including the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (“MERA”) with national environmental agencies, and Gerakan Ciliwung Bersih (Clean Ciliwung River Movement), an environmental campaign to conserve the Ciliwung River.


  • Waste Bank
    The program was initially established to raise consumer awareness on the proper disposal of post-consumer packaging waste. With the active participation of community champions and derivation of economic value from packaging waste, the program is gradually expanding into a community based integrated packaging waste management system. In 2018, we continued our outreach efforts and educated local communities on ways to cash in on their post-consumer waste to be used as raw materials for other industries.

  • MERA
    MERA is a national alliance working together to restore and protect the mangrove ecosystems across the Indonesian archipelago. Launched by the Jakarta Natural Resources Conservation Agency and The Nature Conservancy, an environmental NGO, in 2018, the program aims to reduce the vulnerability of coastal communities, natural resources and vital assets by 2022. ICBP has pledged to fund MERA projects, along with other members of the alliance, as the initiative is closely aligned with our mission to protect the environment.

  • Tree Planting
    We are partnering local communities in nature rehabilitation and conservation efforts across Indonesia, including tree-planting programs and rehabilitation of mangrove ecosystems. In 2018, we planted more than 10,000 mangrove trees to preserve the coastal ecosystems along the coastlines of Jakarta, Kalimantan and North Sumatra as well as other trees to revitalize the landscape and maintain the natural springs in West Java.