As an F&B producer serving millions of consumers of all ages, ICBP strives to deliver balanced nutritional value in its products. We actively support Indofood’s initiative to raise public awareness on the importance of balanced diets and healthy lifestyles by participating in various programs, including the Scaling-Up Nutrition (“SUN”) Movement, Integrated Health Posts (Pos Pelayanan Terpadu or “Posyandu”), Indofood Nutrition Care, Healthy Breakfast, Nutrition for Workforce and Lactation Rooms.


  • SUN Movement
    This is a global public-private partnership aimed at eliminating all forms of malnutrition, with operations in more than 60 countries. The SUN Movement is supported by the SUN Business Network (“SBN”), which has more than 300 corporate members, including Indofood. In 2018, ICBP responded to Indofood’s rally call to support the national effort to fight against malnutrition and participated in activities, such as ‘Ayo Cegah Stunting’ (Let’s Prevent Stunting) campaign initiated by the Presidential Staff Office of Indonesia.

  • Posyandu
    The integrated health posts are a longstanding program that has proven effective in raising nutritional awareness and reducing stunted growth in rural communities. In 2018, we shared information on ‘Healthy and Clean Lifestyle’ with all visitors to the Posyandu, and provided training for the healthcare volunteers.

  • Indofood Nutrition Care
    The program operates a fleet of mobile clinics that visit hundreds of health posts throughout Java to educate villagers living in rural areas on the importance of balanced nutrition and provide some free healthcare services, such as free prenatal checks for expectant mothers.

  • Nutrition for Workforce
    Through a partnership with Indonesia Sport and Fitness Nutritionist Association, Indofood to spread the wellness message ‘Be Healthy, Be You!’ to all employees under the Group. Various activities were organized throughout the year, including health seminars, sports events, and tracking of Body Mass Index (“BMI”), to encourage employees to embrace healthy living. In 2018, the program reported positive results, with improved BMI readings, greater nutritional awareness, increased physical activities and better healthy lifestyle habits among the participants.

  • Lactation Rooms
    To support nursing mothers among our employees, we have provided dedicated lactation rooms that are well-equipped with sterilizers, educational materials on fetal care and nutrition, and other facilities, where they can attend to their nursing needs in privacy and comfort.

  • Healthy Breakfast
    The joint educational program between the Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia), ICBP and Indofood aims to raise awareness on the importance of hygiene, balanced nutrition and healthy breakfast for elementary school children as well as their parents and teachers. In 2018, we conducted a survey to assess the effectiveness of the program and found that the number of students who took healthy breakfasts had significantly increased since the program started in 2015.