ICBP recognizes the importance of education in developing human capital. We provide opportunities for formal and non-formal education for the public, and research and development.

  • Indofood Riset Nugraha (“IRN”)

  • IRN is a research grant for undergraduate students working in food research, and particularly on national food security. IRN research proposals are assessed by nine food experts from various universities across Indonesia. Successful applicants attend a three day camp to develop their confidence, ethics and character, as well as to sharpen their research and presentation skills.


  • Integrated Child-Friendly Public Space (“RPTRA”)

The RPTRA is a government of Jakarta initiative to provide spaces for children to enhance their physical and social development. RPTRA is a multifunctional community space that typically contains a park with facilities like a library, a mini-mart, public meeting venue, lactation rooms and public toilets including toilets for the disabled.

ICBP has established two RPTRAs in Utan Kayu Utara in North Jakarta and Kramat Jati in East Jakarta. These facilities have hosted a range of community activities including sports, training sessions, equal education programs, integrated health services and religious activities. The RPTRAs have not only provided a safe space for children to play, learn and socialize, they have greatly facilitated community bonding as event venues and community centers.